‘If we are to bring out the human potential at its best, we must first believe in its existence and presence. Otherwise man will ‘drift’, he will deteriorate, for there is a human potential at its worst as well.’ (Victor Frankl)

One-to-One Coaching

What do you really want?

My one-to-one coaching programmes are designed specifically to work with  your ambitions, dreams and (perceived) limitations.

I can't fix your inner turmoil. I can't heal your broken heart. But I can help you use your voice and own your story. I can help you to aim high, trust yourself and let your path reveal itself.

The individual programme is a 12-week long process that includes 6 sessions (either face-to-face or on Skype), weekly support emails, interim challenges and reading recommendations too.

I work with a small number of clients to whom I promise to offer my mind, heart and intuition in every session. With my help you can finish projects that you start. Learn to discard unwanted distractions and keep on going despite set-backs.

Book an initial complimentary 30-minute phone or Skype consultation: lucy@areyouablackflamingo.com

Breakthrough Workshops

Are you ready to start changing?


Black Flamingo's small group workshops include a maximum of 8 people and take place over a six hour period (during which we'll ask you to switch off all your devices entirely).

In just one day you'll uncover what it is you're really trying to say with your work and how you might begin to communicate that message in the most powerful, unforgettable way possible.

All I ask is that you come with plenty of curiosity, openness and a healthy dose of realism. In return I can promise confidentiality, compassion, expertise and energy. You'll also leave with a new support network too (and possibly some new friends) in the form of your co-participants.

Book now to secure your place in 2019:



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